What is Routine Visit Optimization?


What is Routine Visit Optimization?

Routine visit optimization is an optimization system produced for companies that provide the shipment of goods to be delivered to plan their visits. This system enables the planning of routine visits to the points on the road route. These plans can also be called frequency visits and periodic visits.

Users aim to prevent inefficient work on the field with these periodic visits. After visiting a point, potential customers at that point should be contacted without wasting time and no loss should be experienced. For this reason, it is ensured that a systematic schedule can be applied by following visits through technological tools. Since a wide communication network is offered during the process, it is also possible to determine the status of the shipment stage. Maximum efficiency is provided for the companies and companies that make the shipment. With the changes to be made in these plans, costs can be easily saved.

The Benefits of Routine Visit Optimization

Routine visit optimization offers huge advantages to businesses looking for distribution solutions. We can list these advantages as follows:

  • It allows a planned work to be done with its communication network and live tracking features. In case of any disruption, effective solutions are offered and it is aimed not to disrupt the supply process any further. Such processes will attract the attention of potential customers as they enable the procurement process to take place quickly.
  • Plays an active role in the creation of periodic deliveries. If there is a traffic or accident situation on the created route, an instant route can be created so that the delivery process is not hindered. Providing access to all maps makes it easy to access for recurring deliveries.
  • Increasing sales can be achieved during frequency visits. In routine visit optimization, actions to increase sales on these points can be included in the plan. There are various options, such as contacting new customers or offering new product suggestions to existing customers.
  • Errors made by the employee can be avoided. Since all activities to be done during routine visit optimizations will be planned, it can be prevented that employees make mistakes by going beyond the work plan.

In order to have a more effective and more profitable visit planning, you should optimize your routine visits.



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