Geovision Planner

Increase the productivity of your sales teams’ daily visits!

Accurate Data - Optimum Planning - Maximum Profit

Optimize your periodic visits and increase your profitability with the regional planning software Geovision Planner.

Accurate Data: Based on accurate data in field sales operations and periodic visits, it offers flexible and instant solutions.

Optimum Planning: It improves the customer experience by ensuring timely and accurate deliveries during routine point visits.

Maximum Profit: It reduces field costs with visits made during the most productive times of the day.


SaaS Web Based Cloud Platform

Automatic Regional Route Planning

API and Excel Integration

Product Properties


District Planning Optimization


Daily Route Optimization


Periodic Visit Optimization

Helping improve the efficiency and productivity of your routine visiting operations. Planner supports your sales and merch teams throughout the entire process.

Geovision Technologies Provides Measurable Benefits!

Geovision Group adds intelligence to your regions with Geomarketing, adds intelligence to your deliveries with Geovision Dispatch and adds intelligence to your customer visits with Geovision Planner. Don’t waste time to reduce your time and fuel costs and increase your sales efficiency and profits!

What You Wonder

Territory Planning Software GeoPlanner is software that will help streamline the work order and assign tasks to the right dispatcher at the right time. Visit scheduling refers to the process of distributing instructions to field sales teams in an optimal way. Through visit scheduling software, deliveries can be coordinated, field sales teams monitored, and business scheduling optimized.

Visit planning software ensures periodic shipment planning in the most efficient way. Field sales teams often have a hard time dealing with last-minute requests and need a tool for shipment planning. In distribution tasks without visit planning software, disruptive conversations may occur between dispatchers and customers, and unsatisfactory solutions may occur. In such a case, the productivity of the field sales teams will be adversely affected and thus a bad customer experience may be experienced.

Visit scheduling software; It simplifies field management for shipping managers by helping to automate workflow management, shipment scheduling, invoicing, and other field service processes. Thanks to the visit planning software, shipping managers have the advantage of scheduling visits according to the demands of their customers as well as the availability of field technicians. To GeoPlanner shipping managers; It gives field sales teams the opportunity to optimize their schedule, inform field technicians in a timely manner, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

GeoPlanner, the visit planning software designed to facilitate field sales teams’ visits; provides services such as viewing daily shipments, changing shifts. GeoPlanner provides full access to customer information, including service history and teams’ locations. The software, which has a customized flexible infrastructure, helps to meet customer needs instantly.

You can automate your shipping tasks with the GeoPlanner visit planning software. The automation offered by the visit scheduling software provides user-friendly solutions to periodic visits. Visits are automatically directed to field sales personnel, problems that arise in the planning of visits are resolved in a timely manner, and customized automated solutions are offered for each business.

Visit planning software GeoPlanner allows you to analyze the performance of your field sales teams in-depth, both on a team and individual level. It allows you to track the customer experience, helping you improve customer satisfaction as well. Using GeoPlanner’s reports, you can analyze visit history and track the workload, delivery times and solutions of your field teams in real time.

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