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Route optimization is the process of determining the best route to visit multiple destinations. Manually organizing routes is a time-consuming, error-prone and challenging solution when your drivers have hundreds or even thousands of destinations and customers to visit. Even the smallest improvements to drivers’ routes will help you serve your customers faster and increase your profitability. An effective route optimization, on the other hand, significantly increases efficiency, surprisingly reducing costs.

Route optimization software uses computer algorithms to quickly compare different routing options and choose the best one. As the best route optimization software, Geovision Dispatch uses computer algorithms as well as artificial intelligence to optimize more stops faster. Choosing an automated route optimization software like Geovision Dispatch that can help you remove the complexity of analyzing different simulations of multiple scenarios and test different delivery routes in microseconds creates maximum efficiency, maximum profitability, and maximum customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re a local or nationwide company, your delivery challenges are universal. For example, manual shipping scheduling and scheduling is not scalable. With the existing fleet, it is not possible to significantly increase shipments. Shipping and delivery costs are constantly increasing. Delayed and missed deliveries increase unhappy customers. A software that can analyze simulations based on instant data, thus optimizing all processes, increases revenue per driver, reduces costs, maximizes customer satisfaction, and makes employees happy as it distributes the workload more effectively.

Route improvement isn’t just a process that benefits large, nationwide shipping businesses. Modern route optimization also provides excellent results for small businesses. After all, whether you have a driver or a fleet of drivers, you can significantly reduce your operational costs by managing your team more effectively. With modern route optimization software like Geovision Dispatch, your dispatchers or managers can save hours of planning every day and devote their time to improving their business and improving their customer experience.

When you use professional and proven software such as Geovision Dispatch for route planning, you can experience a 20% reduction in travel time and travel distance per driver. When you consider this savings based on the fuel and hours spent by each driver and the kilometers traveled by each vehicle, you can see how serious the reduction in your costs will be. Or you can calculate how much it will contribute to your profit when you spend the time saved on new shipments.

Operating in the sector for 17 years, Geovision Group has become a trusted solution partner of even the largest brands for hundreds of thousands of sales points and millions of deliveries in 16 countries. Hundreds of SMEs, together with giants such as Eti, Kent, Nestlé, Mey, Unilever, Algida, Anadolu Efes, Bizim Toptan Marketler, British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Danone, have chosen Geovision without hesitation.

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