Our Sectoral Solutions

As Geovision Group; We provide successful distribution solutions thanks to our Dispatch, Planner, Geomarketing, GeoSurvey and GeoOrder products, which we offer to dozens of large and small-scale companies from a wide variety of sectors.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Create personalized plans thanks to AI-powered algorithms. Streamline your operations and improve customer experience with route optimization, point-of-sale planning, and smart market strategy.


Logistics and Distribution

Logistics and distribution; includes the transportation, storage and packaging of products. Turn to Geovision last mile solutions to avoid complex and costly package delivery processes in deployments.

Service & Support

Companies in the service and maintenance sector often have a large fleet of vehicles, which naturally comes with high costs. For this reason, efficient use of delivery vehicles and customizable route planning are important. Geovision technologies; It allows you to flexibly adapt route and zone planning depending on the current order situation, traffic situation and other factors.


Government Policy

Geovision, which improves the efficiency of public services by streamlining it, helps the rapid development of public services by supporting innovation. Have a scalable, flexible and secure platform with applications and services designed to meet your needs in location analytics, regional planning.

Financial Services and Insurance

The financial services industry is built on customer relationships. That’s why financial firms need a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Thanks to the SaaS model, our products, which you can access via your internet browser, offer complete solutions to the financial services and insurance industry, especially in customer experience.


Communication and Telecommunications

Transform your customer relationships with our sales and support planning solutions for the communications and telecommunications industry. Geovision’s origin, second-order (SR) and consumer ordering systems solutions enable you to anticipate consumer demands and provide impeccable service.

Health care

We help you speed up purchasing, online information, customer support and sales tracking processes with Geovision products, which are optimized to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Thanks to Geovision technology, your healthcare organization will have operational efficiency and a good customer experience.



Make data-based decisions, create outstanding experiences and facilitate interaction with your business partners with industry solutions created for manufacturers. With Geovision solutions; Save time in the distribution channel of the supply chain by facilitating communication with manufacturers, partners and customers. Establish strong internal communication with software that can inform everyone at every step.

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