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Geovision Group

Since 2005, Geovision Group ensures that its partners are in the right spot, implement the most appropriate strategies and increase their sales performance as a whole. It is Turkey’s first Global company in the field of Geovision, which uses its own geographic information systems and software infrastructure.


Last Mile Delivery


Instant Field Sales Management


Thematic Mapping


360° Performance Management

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Geovision Dispatch

Get ahead in your distribution and schedule a visit with Geovision Dispatch!


Geovision Planner

Increase the daily visit efficiency of your sales and vendor teams!


Geovision Geomarketing

Make your life easier with the map application with a user-friendly interface!


Geovision Survey

With Geovision Survey, you can easily create your survey designs for your research.


Geovision Order

Easily manage your orders with Geovision Order.


Schedule deliveries, optimize routes, manage fleets, get real-time reports and much more!

With Geovision Dispatcher unlock the doors to smart route planning!

As energy and labor costs continue to rise, inefficient journeys are not only wasteful but also financially troublesome. Every unnecessary minute spent on the road means increased fuel and labor costs. However, with Geovision Dispatcher, we offer an advanced solution that reduces these costs and increases operational efficiency at the same time. Our cutting-edge technology uses sophisticated analysis of traffic data and location information to create routes that perfectly match your company’s specific requirements.

  • Our smart technology optimizes transportation routes through detailed analysis of comprehensive traffic and location data.
  • Seamless integration into your existing systems ensures fluid and efficient logistics processes.
  • Real-time updates and predictive analysis guarantee on-time deliveries and give you a distinct competitive advantage. increase satisfaction

Maximize field sales team productivity and customer satisfaction, reduce your costs.

Increase the efficiency of your field sales team and maximize customer satisfaction with Geovision Planner.

In today’s competitive environment, optimizing your field sales operations is vital for success. Geovision Planner offers a comprehensive solution that enables you to intelligently manage your periodic visits and route planning. Our innovative technology utilizes accurate data and real-time information to keep your field sales team operating at peak performance.

  • Geovision Planner provides flexible and instant solutions based on real-time data analysis, using precise data for field sales operations and periodic visits.
  • It enhances the customer experience by ensuring timely and accurate deliveries during routine point visits, thus improving satisfaction.
  • Optimize service levels and increase operational efficiency and productivity by strategically managing visit frequencies, ultimately supporting your sales and merchandising teams throughout the process.
Teslimat Çözümleri

Capture your market with our regional data sets, AI-powered segmentation and optimized data visualization solution.

Your competitors we are identifying markets that have been overlooked.

In a world where location decisions significantly impact a company’s success, making the right choice is vital. With Geomarketing, we offer a forward-thinking solution to identify the optimal locations for your businesses, markets and outlets. Our innovative technology uses extensive data analysis and geographic insights to uncover unexplored market opportunities that traditional methods overlook.

  • Through innovative data analysis, we identify unexplored market opportunities and enable targeted expansion.
  • Our technology offers insights into potentially profitable locations overlooked by traditional methods.
  • We optimize your market entry strategy and maximize your success with precise geographic information and target audience analysis.

Why Geovision Group?

In House Certified R&D Technology Center

20+ Years Of International Experience In FMCG

Easy Implementation, Seamless Integration

Flawless Field Execution, Performance Management

Continuous Improvements, and Investments

Optimized Resource Allocation

Geovision Group Etkin Pazar ve Bölge Yönetimi

What We Do?

We know that the most important step of growth in well-established business models is optimization and resource management. With this understanding, we identify your needs to maximize your business goals in the competitive world we are in. We offer the most efficient solutions in areas such as route planning, shipment and performance management. We ensure that the relevant units are part of the process in the most effective way for successful field sales management.

How We Work?



Comprehensive Data Analysis and Modeling

As a first step, we collect and analyze our customers’ business process-specific data. Using big data analytics and advanced modeling techniques, we perform a detailed analysis on shipment, demand forecasting, geographical factors and other factors. In this way, we create a solid foundation for designing solutions that best fit the needs of businesses.


Customized Solution Development

Based on data analysis and modeling, we develop customized solutions, focusing on the unique requirements of each customer. In areas such as route planning, shipment management and performance monitoring, we offer solutions to optimize the daily operations of businesses and increase efficiency. These solutions contribute to revenue growth by reducing operational costs.


Continuous Improvement and Support

Our collaboration is not limited to the start of the project. We continuously review, improve and update our solutions in line with our customers’ needs and changes in the market. We also provide training and support to our users on the effective use of our solutions, ensuring they get the most out of them. Our goal is to help businesses maintain their competitive advantage and grow.

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Simplifying Outlet Classification in the FMCG Sector

Simplifying Outlet Classification in the FMCG Sector

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Geovision Technologies Provides Measurable Benefits!

Geovision Group adds intelligence to your regions with Geomarketing, adds intelligence to your deliveries with Geovision Dispatch and adds intelligence to your customer visits with Geovision Planner. Don’t waste time to reduce your time and fuel costs and increase your sales efficiency and profits!

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Data protection of the highest quality - hosted on servers in your region.

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  • GDPR standards for IT security and the protection of your data.
  • EU data protection compliant.
  • EU partners and service network with identical requirements.

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