Our Technology Solutions

Geovision Group offers measurable benefits with its technological solutions.

Route Optimization

Geovision ensures that the most efficient routes are found so that travel costs and distance traveled are as low as possible and deliveries can be made on time. It creates an optimum route plan thanks to the dynamic route calculation with a flexible infrastructure that can be customized according to the needs of the companies. Based on predictive and instant traffic data supported by artificial intelligence, Geovision offers precise distribution solutions to your business.


Periodic Visit Optimization

Geovision, which offers simple and practical solutions for companies that make periodic visits, allows you to save time and fuel in shipments. It supports regional planning successes by optimizing the daily, weekly and monthly routes of sales region teams that make routine point visits. Timely and accurate deliveries, thanks to the optimization of periodic visit operations, improve the customer experience.


AI Powered Algorithm

Geovision Group, thanks to its R&D center and GIS (Geographical information system)-based flexible algorithms, provides dozens of companies from more than 15 countries, especially Turkey; Provided precise distribution solutions. Thanks to IoT Technologies, Geovision instantly collects hundreds of thousands or even millions of data and transforms them into meaningful data with its artificial intelligence supported algorithm. In this way, it optimizes the route, periodic visit and sales area planning in the most profitable way.


Geovision Technologies Provides Measurable Benefits!

Geovision Group adds intelligence to your regions with Geomarketing, adds intelligence to your deliveries with Geovision Dispatch and adds intelligence to your customer visits with Geovision Planner. Don’t waste time to reduce your time and fuel costs and increase your sales efficiency and profits!

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