What is Field Sales Program?


What is Field Sales Program?

Field sales program is a program that provides detailed contact with potential and current customers. With this program, you can have information about the stock status and manage the delivery processes more comprehensively. In addition, thanks to the features it offers, it offers the advantage of creating one-to-one orders when the customer is with them.

It is a method that has been going on for many years for field sales teams to make sales by visiting various points. Although factors such as e-commerce have developed with the development of technology, the power of selling on the field is at a different point. For this reason, when making sales on the field, people should benefit from the power of technological applications and devices and reach the potential to create a more practical order. In addition, we also know that today, the sales of stores and companies that act by not making use of technological applications and devices are decreasing and things do not go as planned.

The most important points for companies that make field sales are to be able to monitor the current stock status of their customers at any time and to control the distribution stages. The field sales program, with its innovative features, makes all these opportunities possible for employees. Field sales teams may not only sell the product that is not in stock, but they may also encounter the situation of not selling an extra product in stock. It is important to have a field sales program to avoid such situations.

What Can Be Done Through the Field Sales Program

It is assumed that only orders can be received with this program. However, this does not reflect reality. The field sales program provides information about customers’ debts and indicates to the seller the risks involved during the sale. If there is an invoice that has not been paid before, such invoices can be indicated to the representatives thanks to the system.

We can list the things that can be done thanks to the field sales program as follows:

  • Current stock status can be checked
  • Production planning stages can be controlled
  • Detailed and simple route tracking
  • Can be pre-ordered from customers
  • Invoicing is possible
  • The delivery stages can be controlled and the process can be tracked
  • The goods acceptances made on the warehouse can be approved
  • Assigned tasks can be followed

This and many more features are realized thanks to the field sales program. By having this program, you can have much easier processes during your sales.



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