What is Segmentation?


What is Segmentation?

Segmentation is a frequently preferred method in marketing. Segmentation includes a more focused market that brands and businesses have identified by separating the market they are in and the audience they are interested in. It is also a technique in which strategic planning on the relevant audience is targeted. The marketing methods made by this technique have a very easy to understand level. Segmentation is used to determine a marketing method for the demands of the selected audience. We can divide them into two groups as market segmentation and customer segmentation.

Market segmentation is the use of a marketing method on these small parts by dividing the existing market into parts. Firms and companies target an effective sales environment by determining a marketing method for the demands of these parts they have divided. Market segmentation is also divided into sections within itself. These can be listed as follows:

  • Demographic segmentation

It is a marketing technique that is made according to certain situations such as age and gender of the target audience. Today, the food industry and the clothing industry frequently use such segmentations.

  • Psychographic segmentation

The lifestyles and habits of the targeted audience are the factors that determine the method of this marketing technique.

  • Geographic segmentation

It is a marketing technique made according to the geographical area of ​​the people who will buy it.

  • Behavioral segmentation

Consumption habits directly affect the marketing method to be made within this segmentation process. Marketing people examine how often these products are consumed and take action with a marketing strategy for this.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is a type of segmentation made according to the financial status, culture and other vital factors of the people who will buy the product. We can list the advantages of this variety, which has many benefits, as follows:

  • Marketing resources are extremely limited. The consumer characteristics you learn with customer segmentation enable you to reach the best marketing strategy to be made within these limitations.
  • You can learn in detail what kind of characteristics the audience you are going to sell to has. After that, what kind of add-ons you can use in marketing will vary. Applying a marketing strategy that is contrary to the culture or lifestyle of the audience can reduce your profits.
  • Customer segmentation also reduces the number of your competitors because you appeal to smaller audiences.

You can have a much more effective marketing strategy by using the segmentation processes effectively.



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