What is a Route Plan?


What is a Route Plan?

There are time limits for the sales personnel on the field. For this reason, the points they will visit and the places they can visit are also restricted. Those who make route planning need to analyze such plans very well and make them in detail. Otherwise, problems and disruptions will occur in the delivery process and may cause you to lose your customers and potential customers. A route plan is a form of planning that ensures that the delivery process is set up correctly and as it should be. Thanks to its system, it makes a full-time delivery process possible.

The word ruth means the way to be followed and to be taken. Route planning, on the other hand, means having a much more organized route management. For this reason, the word rut also carries the meaning of “route”. The route planning created allows you to plan by analyzing how many customers you have, which points and routes your employees can visit, and your potential customer values. In addition to such features, it provides control of their status on the delivery route. If we give an example of this situation;

  • You can access the traffic information on the delivery route and avoid choosing busy areas. This is the perfect solution for your delivery process to progress much faster and to prevent disruptions.
  • It allows you to notice the potential customer base in the areas you can visit and stop by and make your planning in this way. In this way, it is ensured that you do not miss much higher potential customer bases.
  • Narrow streets on the delivery route are detected and information is given to vehicles that cannot pass. In addition, if it is necessary to pass over this road, a vehicle can be chosen according to this situation at the beginning of the route plan.

The use of paper and pencil, which is one of the old methods, while planning the route will create a negative planning system for you. Instead, it is recommended to use new generation route planning systems produced with smart technologies. Thanks to the features and advantages offered by these programs, you will spend less effort and you will be able to make delivery planning in more detail. In addition, you can have a long-lasting recording system with the features of recording details and data in the system, which is one of the biggest advantages of the system.



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