What are the Advantages of Route Optimization?


What are the Advantages of Route Optimization?

Route optimization; It provides very important contributions to companies, manufacturers and dealers during the distribution phase. When the products that are produced in a center and need to be distributed are not included in a system, it can create big problems. If this process includes more than one delivery point, the shipment becomes a complete problem and distribution becomes difficult to control. The system in which the shipment planning is done as desired and profitable choices are made on the routes is route optimization.

Route optimization systems produced from artificial intelligence supported algorithms appeal to a wide range of usage areas. Companies that want to have a more efficient and simple delivery process and produce physical goods can have much more functional delivery processes thanks to route optimization. The route to be taken is analyzed and planned using geographic information systems. This system prevents possible problems on the way and ensures a faster and more reliable delivery to the delivery point. However, the experience of the people who use these systems is also very important. If a person who is not knowledgeable about the system manages the planning, he will face more negative results than positive results.

Route Optimization Advantages

Route optimization is a system that simplifies the delivery phase thanks to the features it offers. Geographical information systems and add-ons where the shortest and most efficient route can be found against the traveling salesman problem known as the Travel Salesmen Problem (TSP) are among the features that make it important. We can summarize the advantages of route optimization as follows:

  • Allows you to save up to 20% on overall site costs.
  • With the live tracking system feature, you can monitor delivery performances and achieve a 50% increase in planning capability.
  • Because there are different vehicles, different delivery points and stages, it also offers the advantage of making the planning in a customized way.
  • Since the traffic density on the road and the visit times of the points to be visited are planned, it ensures timely delivery by ensuring that no time is lost during the delivery process.
  • Contrary to manual planning, it offers a much more advantageous planning process with its manpower that can analyze situations and problems. In this way, the disadvantages of manual planning are eliminated.
  • Thanks to the on-time delivery times, much more positive feedback is received from the customers.
  • An additional budget reduction is achieved by saving on issues such as fuel.
  • Savings in personnel expenses.
  • It makes it possible to create new solutions and new routes for problems experienced during the delivery process.
  • Creates a wide communication network between field sales teams and shipping managers.



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