What Does Route Optimization Mean?


What Does Route Optimization Mean?

Route optimization is a system that makes low-budget route planning for vehicle fleets for freight and passenger transportation demands. Route optimization, detailed delivery planning, periodic route plans and instant route planning are also included. All route planning includes a pickup and delivery point. This operation can occur in different ways, such as the weight and quantity of the product to be delivered, and the distance of the delivery points. In addition, there is a time limit that must be followed for delivery and a cost and capacity limit that vehicles must not violate.

The route optimization system ensures that deliveries can be made with much more affordable budgets within these factors, and that the orders received in line with the demand and the vehicle rules at the delivery stage of these orders are complied with. Thanks to the route created with route optimization, the distribution of the requests to the vehicles and when the delivery will take place are determined. Let us explain the route optimization with an example for you to understand better.

Consider a company that makes distribution to 1500 stores in total and works with 100 vehicles. There will be different delivery addresses and different delivery sizes each day during this ordering process. Thanks to route optimization, you can find out how much and what kind of vehicle you need during this delivery. In addition, since you know the product dimensions, you can determine which vehicle can take the product with what capacity and how long the delivery times should take place. Route optimization incorporates such advantages and offers many conveniences to field sales teams, shipping managers and distributors.

We can list the advantages you will gain with route optimization as follows:

  • What kind of vehicles should be preferred in the delivery process? The answer to this question can be easily determined by the optimization system, since the delivery time is determined and the vehicle capacities are learned.
  • How and in what way should the products to be delivered be distributed to the vehicles?
  • At what time intervals should certain points on the route be visited?
  • When will the place of delivery be reached, and what time is the delivery expected to be completed?

With route optimization, you can find answers to all such questions that need to be learned. Thanks to this system, you will experience reductions in distances on the road and fleet usage, and you will complete the delivery phase with the right planning.



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