What is a Point Visit?


What is a Point Visit?

Point visits are the visits that distribution companies make to the points they deliver. During these visits, there are many situations such as exchanging information, checking sales and orders, providing invoicing and collection, and eliminating the problems experienced.

If you are a manufacturer in business life and there are points you supply, you should visit these points periodically. Remember that the person you are selling to has a chance to choose many suppliers. You need to make these visits in order to get ahead of your competitors and have a loyal customer. With the point visits you will make, you can find out what your customers need and what kind of deliveries they prefer. It will be an additional benefit for you to use them in your procurement processes and sales purposes. However, in order to find out what such situations are, you need to make regular point visits.

There are some periods when point visits are made. These periods generally consist of time periods when manufacturers do not want to lose customers. We can list the point visit periods as follows:

  • Periods to be collected

In these periods, the value of customers increases much more on behalf of all manufacturers and companies. As the money flow will be ensured, point visits are made and it is aimed to ensure the next order process. Being able to show the same value after these collection periods will provide a positive impression on behalf of manufacturers and companies.

  • When there is pressure on sales

If you have any extra items left, you want to sell it immediately. For this reason, you start looking for all the people you can sell that product to and making spot visits to those people. In general, it is much more difficult to get positive results in such visits as sales will be targeted after 2-3 steps.

  • When sales statistics decrease

Sales statistics are a very important statistical table for supplier companies. Any decrease in this table will cause point visits to all customers. It is also known that sometimes products are tried to be sold to customers that they do not need at all.

Such periods are often included in point visits.



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