What is FMCG Industry?


What is FMCG Industry?

FMCG, which is one of the most used sectors today, means Fast-Moving Consumer Goods in English and is translated into our language as “Fast-Moving Consumer Goods”. The sales of these products are changing very quickly. In other words, a manufactured product must be sold or replaced within one year. The products sold can generally be used on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The costs of these products are also at very low levels. Products that are easily consumed and can be used for a short time, such as cleaning materials and food products on the shelf, are products included in the FMCG sector.

The brands that produce within the FMCG sector are not well known. Even if they are recognized, a high level of selectivity is not observed in the discrimination stage. The reason for this is that many brands are producing these products due to short-term use and low-budget production stages. In other words, there is a lot of variety at the selection stage for consumers. For such reasons, brands producing in the FMCG sector aim for a catchy marketing by using special methods in their advertising strategies. Today, it has become a little more difficult to make a profit in this sector than in the past.

While FMCG products are low-budget and easy-to-produce products for manufacturers, they are low-priced and easy-to-buy products for consumers. This sector, which has a very high volume in terms of volume, has very low figures in terms of production prices. Because it is sold at low prices, manufacturers aim for high volumes of sales. For this reason, a manufacturer with a high sales volume can make extraordinary profits on the product.

FMCG Industry Marketing Methods

Since the FMCG sector is a difficult sector in terms of brand recognition, it needs very careful management in the marketing phase. We can list some of these methods as follows:

  • Determining a marketing method according to the sales purpose
  • Selling directly
  • Combination of the marking system with the product
  • Implementing a method on the targeted market

These and similar details are among the details that should be considered during the marketing phase in the FMCG sector.



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