What is Geographic Information Systems?


What is Geographic Information Systems?

Geographical information systems, abbreviated as GIS, is a mechanism that has multiple functions in itself. We can list these functions as follows:

  • Collection of all data on geographic locations and statistics within the system
  • Storing all collected data in the same system
  • Presentation of data by analyzing geographical locations

This and many other advantages are offered to users by geographic information systems. Geographical information systems, a system based on the science of geography, are created by bringing together different types of data. This system records the information of many geographical places we encounter during the day. In addition, thanks to the analyzes it has made, it provides a 3D map experience and enables the arrangement of geographical layers. Users who will make deliveries with the geographic information systems used can analyze which routes they can take on the geographical plane, which ones are suitable and what advantages they will have.

Users who have geographic information systems can get help by using this system for many transactions. Thanks to this system, a wide communication network can be created, delivery plans can be made, information can be made about geographical locations and shipments, and any disruption can be resolved in a short time. We can summarize the advantages of GIS as follows:

  • You can analyze the problems to be experienced. Events such as traffic and accidents on geographical planes can be viewed during the road and delivery can be prevented due to weather conditions.
  • Changes on the delivery path are visible. This creates a chance to find an alternative way to ensure delivery is not disrupted.
  • Immediate intervention can be made to the events that will occur. Thanks to this feature, vehicles are not left unplanned and crisis management is facilitated. You will always stay in touch and be able to offer solutions to your field sales teams.
  • You can have a much simpler route planning by making predictions with spatial analyzes in geographic information systems. As a comprehensive information provider, GIS makes it easy for you to make predictions as it shares all the details.

These and many other features provide much more advantages during delivery and enable detailed delivery planning.



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